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    What is Employee Experience (EX) Management?

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    Employee experience is what drives employees to join, contribute to, and ultimately stay with their organizations.

    Beware of the gap between the experiences employers offer and the experiences today’s employees expect. In fact, 89% of employers think pay is the top driver of employee attrition, but less than 30% of employees cite pay as a reason for leaving.

    This is the employee experience gap, and it has major business implications. It’s why 2/3 of the workforce is disengaged. More than $11B is lost annually due to employee turnover, and 34% of workers plan to leave their job in the next 12 months.

    By delivering real-time, role-based employee experience insights to the right people, managers and leaders can uncover areas of weakness, take action, and drive business outcomes:

    • Reduce unwanted and costly attrition
    • Increase employee engagement and productivity
    • Identify and develop top performers
    • Increase employee lifetime value

    Employee experience management helps companies close the experience gap with X-data. It goes beyond engagement by measuring across the employee lifecycle, prioritizing key drivers, and driving action.